A community-wide effort is required so that thousands of Nashvillians can realize the full potential of the digital broadband age, and obtain this benefit through an efficient and well-run program respectful of use dignity and the public/private resources. Together hardware and connectivity is the “great equalizer of our time,” as our society’s increasing dependence on the rapid exchange of information makes this essential for the average American to access education, employment opportunities, improved health care, civic engagement, communication and host of other services. Making access more affordable and available for our community’s citizens is s fundamental tool in the fight to break the cycle of poverty. The Nashville Digital Inclusion Fund is dedicated to providing free or low-cost Internet access, computers, devices, training and support to Nashville citizens in order to break the digital divide.

Computer problem?

If you are experiencing a laptop computer problem, please contact Revive IT.

Telephone: (844) 6 REVIVE or (844) 673-8483


Problems with your internet connection?

Call your internet service provider:

Comcast Internet Essentials  (855) 339-6944

AT&T U-Verse (800) 288-2020

Computer Self-Help

Visit ComputerHope where you can browse help articles on a variety of topics or post a question to be answered by the community of ComputerHope users.